Wits University NSFAS Application 2023

By | June 14, 2021

How to Apply for Wits University 2023 Student’s Financial Aid. Wits University’s Financial Aid is now available. This page will guide and assist you in understanding the detailed steps required to apply for the Wits University NSFAS Application 2023. It is important to note that the South African government created this loan to meet the requirements of worthy students who have demonstrated academic excellence.

Wits University NSFAS application

All students from families with a gross household income of less than R350 000 per year are eligible for an NSFAS-Bursary that pays their whole tuition fee, including books and supplies (tuition, residence, allowances for meals, personal care, and learning material). A living and transportation allowance is available to students who live with their parents.

As a result, the University focuses its own financial assistance efforts on the so-called “missing middle,” defined as families with a gross annual income of between R350 000 and R600 000. Families with an income of Wits University to R1 million are also considered for the financial sport if they have more than one kid studying at a tertiary institution.

NOTE: Due to limited financing, the University is unable to assist students with the whole cost of their studies; however, the University will make every effort to assist students with the cost of their basic tuition fees, excluding any additional module or program charges.

Eligibility Criteria for Financial Aid

The Wits University will receive from NSFAS the relevant application information confirming eligibility for funding.

All the Wits University NSFAS Application is checked against the following eligibility criteria:

  • Citizens and permanent residents of South Africa
  • First undergraduate qualification
  • Financial eligibility
  • If the student was registered at a tertiary institution before, and the number of years of registration to apply the N+1 rule

Note: The post-degree law programme is no longer funded (LAWP01, as well as the PGCE, PGDA programmes)

How do I Apply?

To register and complete your online Wits University NSFAS Application, go to the NSFAS website using the link below:


When will I know if I am Eligible?

NSFAS will notify you of the outcome of your application once your eligibility has been determined. After the NSC results are released, the funding eligibility statuses are usually available on the MyNSFAS portal. Universities will be notified at the same time as applicants.

Will all my Costs be Covered if I am Successful?

NSFAS funding is based on the parameters set in the National Bursary Rules and Guidelines annually.

A student, on the other hand, will only be sponsored at one university. If the study costs have already been submitted, your NSFAS funding may be jeopardized if you cancel your registration at one university and register at another. Wits University assumes no financial responsibility for the consequences of altering your registered institution.

NSFAS Bursary

The Bursary funding includes requirements that must be fulfilled by recipients. These include but are not limited to:

  • Community service.
  • Academic pass and progression requirements for renewal of funding.
  • Funding limited to the minimum duration of programme plus 1 extra year for undergraduate study. All years of study will be counted irrespective of the funding source for those years of study.

Further information on NSFAS funding is available at www.NSFAS.org.za

Can I hold Other Awards Along with the Wits University Financial Assistance?

We encourage students to explore alternative sources of income to cover their fees because funds are limited. Any extra financial sport or sponsorship that you receive must be reported to Wits University.

The money raised is utilized to help other students who are financially challenged.

Is the Wits University & NSFAS Financial Assistance Renewable?

Yes, based on academic performance each year and the number of years of study, sported students are automatically assessed for renewal. No student will be financed for more than the program’s minimum term plus one year.

For More Infomation on the Wits University, NSFAS Application click the link below

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