University of Fort Hare Courses and Requirements

UFH, also referred to as the University of Fort Hare, is one of South Africa’s premier institutions of higher education. It has been in service for over a hundred years and continues to deliver with no signs of slowing down. This article covers all of the University of Fort Hare courses and requirements.

University of Fort Hare Courses


Since its founding in 1916, the University of Fort Hare has grown and expanded its courses. They’re now governed by six faculties mentioned in the PDF file below.

If you have completed a higher certificate and are interested in applying to UFH for a diploma or degree, please try to download the PDF on the university of fort Hare courses and requirements. Please keep in mind that completing a lower-level qualification, such as a higher certificate, does not guarantee admission to a higher-level qualification (e.g., a diploma or bachelor’s degree), as space is limited.

University of For Hare Courses and Requirements PDF Download

I have compiled the list of the university of fort hare courses across the six faculties in a PDF file. All you need to do is click on the download button below.


If you have any problem downloading the pdf file, please kindly leave a comment below or Contact Us.

University of For Hare Admission Requirements

The University of Fort Hare (UFH) has different admission requirements depending on the course you’re applying for, your academic level, and your nationality. This is due to the fact that universities are free to set their own admission standards based on personal interests or internal policies. They provide entry requirements for each course to ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete it successfully.

While this page will provide you with some useful information about what is needed to enroll in University of Fort Hare UFH courses, you should ask explicitly about any course you are interested in.

The University of Fort Hare UFH admission criteria are designed to determine your suitability for the course you’re interested in. Unless otherwise stated, the application process is heavily reliant on matching entry criteria, and this is a section to which you should pay special attention.

UFH Admission requirements – courses and entry requirements

Admission requirements at the University of Fort Hare UFH differ depending on the course or program. It’s important that you grasp the prerequisites for the course you want to take.

  • English 1st Additional Language level 4 or higher is needed.
  • An English Home Language level of at least 3 is needed.
  • At least a Level 4 in four 20-credit subjects from the designated list, except Life Orientation.


You can visit the university of fort hare official website for more information.

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