UNISA Online Application 2023 | How To Apply Online

The University of South Africa (UNISA) Online Application 2022/2023 Academic year is open to all students who wish to apply online for admission to all Undergraduate qualifications. Prospective students can apply to the University of South Africa through www.Unisa.ac.za before the online application deadline in 2022.

UNISA Online Application 2023


For the academic session 2022–2023, the University of South Africa (UNISA) is accepting new applications from suitably eligible candidates for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

We include a step-by-step guide for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Master’s qualifications on how to apply to the University of South Africa (UNISA) for the 2022/2023 academic year. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, please use the “Sеаrсh Bоx” instead. During the deadline, UNISA online Application Forms 2023 PDF Downloads format would undoubtedly be accessible on the portal.

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How to Apply For UNISA Admission 2023

To apply, follow the steps below to gain online access to the UNISA application form 2023:

  • To complete the application, you’ll need an email address.
  • An ID number is required for South African applicants. A passport number is required for international applicants.
  • You must pay the application fee after receiving your student number from Unisa.
  • Ensure that the documents are scanned in accordance with the guidelines.

We suggest that you read the UNISA Prospectus to gain a deeper understanding of the institution and how it works.

University of South Africa (UNISA) Application 2023

The University of South Africa, UNISA, has an online application portal for a variety of programs, which is indicated below.

  • Unisa Online Undergraduate Application 2023 – Click here
  • Unisa Application Form 2022 for Honors Degree and Postgraduate Diploma – Click here
  • Unisa Online Masters and Doctoral Application Form 2022– Click here
  • Online Application for the Unisa Short Learning Programme 2023 – Click here

If You have any problems, please leave a comment below and we will reply.

Date For UNISA Online Applications 2023

To begin the UNISA online application process, please carefully read everything we have written here about UNISA online application 2023. It will help you learn how to apply online and what to do. Before proceeding to apply online, one must know when the application starting.

On this note, it is important to know that both Unisa Online Undergraduate Application 2023 and Unisa Application for Honors Degree and Postgraduate Diploma start on 1st September. While Unisa Online Masters and Doctoral Application is on the 15th of September.

UNISA Application Form 2023 Fees

Application Fees For 2023 at The University of South Africa

  • For online applications, applicants must pay R105.
  • Applicants applying for a TVET College via UNISA will use a hardcopy application, which costs R160.

For more information visit UNISA Application Closing Dates | www.unisa.ac.za

Submitting Results & Documents for UNISA  Application

When it comes to processing your files, make sure to include your Grade 11 and Grade 12 grades. Failure to do so can cause delays in the processing of your application. All of the documents must be authorized copies of the original documents.

Admissions Requirements for UNISA

  • You must meet the basic admission criteria for your chosen qualification in order to be admitted to Unisa.
  • If you don’t meet these criteria, you may want to look at alternate qualifications, or possibly, if you are eligible, an expanded program can allow you to apply for limited modules in your first year.
  • Unisa may no longer welcome students who completed Grade 12 at the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) School of Tomorrow.
  • There are a limited number of spaces available for certain Unisa qualifications. Meeting general and/or particular admission criteria for a program does not guarantee you a spot for the 2023 academic year.

Deadline For UNISA Application 2023

It is beneficial to be aware of the precise deadlines for the institutions to that which you wish to apply. Applying after the deadline puts your admissions opportunities in jeopardy.

Visit the UNISA Application deadline Date 

Postage/Courier Vs Online

Some institutions accept applications online, while others only accept paper applications. Some universities provide both. When beginning the application process, keep this in mind.

Exam Results For UNISA Application 2023

Your grades in Grade 11 are crucial to your application. Some universities will accept your Matric June grades, so keep them ready!

Financial Aid For The University of South Africa

You may be eligible if your family’s income is below a certain level. This will be a different form, and you’ll need a pay slip from your parent or guardian to prove it.

Current Year’s Activity

The university will need information about your grades and extracurricular activities if you are in Matric. They’ll need travel or job records if you took a gap year.

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Required documents For The UNISA Application 2023

Before proceeding to the University of South Africa application for 2023, make sure you have everything you’ll need.

  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Parent’s/guardian’s ID
  • Exam results
  • Proof of address
  • The original documents are never sent for the most recent payslip.

Make Sure All Details are Correct

Take your time filling out the form and double-checking your information before submitting it online. Start with a pencil and then a blue or black pen if you’re filling out a hard copy.

Instructions For Signing The Declaration

Double-check that all of your information is correct before submitting the form. It is required that you and your parent or guardian, must sign it.

NRF Postgraduate Student Funding 2023

  • The deadline for master’s and doctoral applications is July 17, 2022.
  • The deadline for internal applications (SARAO honors call) is August 7, 2022.
  • Internal deadline (NRF honors call): November 27, 2022

This call for applications has been issued by the National Research Foundation (NRF).

Application Process

All applications must be submitted online via the NRF application system at https://nrfsubmission.nrf.ac.za/.

Applications that are late or incomplete would be rejected.

The qualification process for master’s and doctoral degrees has improved. Before being submitted to NRF, applications will be reviewed and vetted by universities.

Pay The Application Fee

Verify the appropriate sum and either EFT it or pay it at the bank. It should never be posted. Evidence of payment should be sent to the university.

UNISA Acceptance

You will be notified of your acceptance via formal email or text. Continue to put in your best effort to make the necessary upfront deposit before the deadline.

Important Notice: Most colleges will require you to take an NBT exam to assess your academic readiness. Often double-check with the institution you’re applying to see if an NBT result is needed for your application. Your NBT results are good for three years and you only have to take the exam once if you’re applying to several schools.

Hopefully, this update about UNISA Application 2023 has been helpful; if so, please let us know in the comments section below

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