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Academic records, evidence of payment, graduation, NSFAS, and admission inquiries can all be sent to UNISA email addresses. The University of South Africa’s (UNISA) administration creates separate email addresses for each type of inquiry.

UNISA Email AddressesWe are pleased to provide you with a list of email addresses for the University of South Africa (UNISA) that can be used for a variety of purposes, including application and document uploading. It also explains how to set up an email account so that you can use the University of South Africa’s email address.

The suffix @unisa.ac.za appears at the end of every UNISA email address and indicates the UNISA email box to which messages are sent. Although early messaging systems used a variety of addressing formats, today’s email addresses adhere to a set of rules established by the Internet Engineering Task Force in the 1980s and modified by RFC 5322 and RFC 6854.

Who can Use the UNISA Email Addresses

  • Prospective student
  • Students
  • Visitors

UNISA Offical Email Addresses

The email addresses mentioned below are organized by category.

Information service division


Student Admission and Registration

Type of inquiry E-mail
General applications and registration queries study-info@unisa.ac.za
Postgraduate diplomas and Honours degrees artshons@unisa.ac.zasciencehons@unisa.ac.za





Master’s and doctoral qualifications mandd@unisa.ac.za
College of Accounting Sciences econ@unisa.ac.za
College of Economics and Management Science econ@unisa.ac.za
College of Education Undergraduate: educare@unisa.ac.za
College of Human Sciences Undergraduate: artes@unisa.ac.za 
College of Law jus@unisa.ac.za
College of Science, Engineering & Technology
College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
International students international@unisa.ac.za
Exemptions adhoccredits@unisa.ac.za
Access and matriculation exemption ame@unisa.ac.za
Re-admissions study-info@unisa.ac.za

Students Assessment Administration

Type of inquiry E-mail
General assignment inquiries assign@unisa.ac.za
Student inquiries in respect of examination venues and examination invigilators invigilationandvenues@unisa.ac.za

Assignment Administration

Type of inquiry E-mail
General assignment inquiries assign@unisa.ac.za

Examination Administration

Type of inquiry E-mail addresses
Examinations aegrotats@unisa.ac.za
Examination Venue and Invigilation Administration invigilationandvenues@unisa.ac.za
Carol Bafedi
Bombeleni Makamu
College of Economics &
Management Sciences
Tsheko Mogapi
Tinyiko Mojadibe
Thabo Mmako
Virginia Selabe
College of Law aegrotats@unisa.ac.za
College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
College of Science, Engineering, and Technology
College of Human Sciences
College of Education
Deliwe Mualefe

Finance, Student Funding, And Study Material

Section Type of inquiry E-mail
Debtors Student account inquiries finan@unisa.ac.za
Student Funding
General Student Funding inquiries chabawf@unisa.ac.za
General Student Funding inquiries letsomp@unisa.ac.za
Study Material
Despatch Despatch inquiries despatch@unisa.ac.za
 Mdu Zulu Despatch Enquiries Supervisor zulum@unisa.ac.za
 Thelma Mangena Despatch Enquiries Supervisor Mangemt@unisa.ac.za
 Nkadimeng Lebone Despatch Enquiries Supervisor Nlebone@unisa.ac.za
 Ms A Clarke Despatch Enquiries Supervisor aclarke@unisa.ac.za

All College-Specific UNISA Email For Inquiries

Type of inquiry E-mail
College of Accounting Sciences CASenquiries@unisa.ac.za
College of Agriculture &
Environmental Sciences
College of Economic &
Management Sciences
College of Education edu-enquiries@unisa.ac.za
College of Human Sciences chs@unisa.ac.za
College of Graduate Studies ucgs@unisa.ac.za
Graduate School of Business Leadership sbl03@unisa.ac.za

Regional Centres

Name / Region Type of inquiry E-mail
Eastern Cape
Mr MJ Nkgoang Nkgoamj@unisa.ac.za
Student Administration Port Elizabeth PE-Registration@unisa.ac.za
Student Administration East London EL-Registration@unisa.ac.za
Student Administration Mthatha MTH-Registration@unisa.ac.za
Academic & Tutorial Support (PE) PE-Tutorials@unisa.ac.za
Academic & Tutorial Support (EL) EL-Tutorials@unisa.ac.za
Academic & Tutorial Support (Mthatha) MTH-Tutorials@unisa.ac.za
Student Counselling Services EL-Counselling@unisa.ac.zaMTH-Counselling@unisa.ac.za


EL Library Services elonlib@unisa.ac.za
PE Library Services pelib@unisa.ac.za
EL Computer Lab el-computerlab@unisa.ac.za
Hub (Mrs M Masalesa) gautengtl@unisa.ac.za
Sunnyside Learning Centre gautengtl@unisa.ac.za
Unisa Science Campus in Florida Florida.GR@unisa.ac.za
Vaal Vaal_GR@unisa.ac.za
Ekurhuleni Ekurhuleni.GR@unisa.ac.za
Johannesburg Johannesburg.GR@unisa.ac.za
Mr B Dlamini querieskzn@unisa.ac.za
Durban hub General inquiries
North Eastern Region
Prof Moloko Sepota Management, governance, stakeholder relations and matters of a strategic nature sepotmm@unisa.ac.za or mafumjt@unisa.ac.za
Giyani Student support and general queries giyani@unisa.ac.za
Makhado Student support and general queries makhado@unisa.ac.za
Middelburg Student support and general queries middelburg@unisa.ac.za
Nelspruit Student support and general queries nelspruit@unisa.ac.za
Polokwane Student support and general queries polokwane@unisa.ac.za
Mr MM Kokong mduma@unisa.ac.za
Rustenburg Regional Hub rustenburg@unisa.ac.za
Bloemfontein Regional Service Centre bloemfon@unisa.ac.za
Kimberley Regional Service Centre kimberle@unisa.ac.za
Kroonstad Regional Service Centre kroonsta@unisa.ac.za
Mafikeng Regional Service Centre mafikeng@unisa.ac.za
Potchefstroom Regional Service Centre potchefs@unisa.ac.za
Western Cape
Dr KI Jacobs capetown@unisa.ac.za
Cape Town Campus Student Administration capetown@unisa.ac.za
Cape Town Campus Academic Support ctntut@unisa.ac.za
Cape Town Campus Counselling cptcounselling@unisa.ac.za
Cape Town Campus Main Library ctnlib@unisa.ac.za
Cape Town Campus Mobile Library ctnmob@unisa.ac.za
George george@unisa.ac.za
Ms. Seble S. Tadesse Student administration tadesss@unisa.ac.za
Ms. Gelilawit B. Mekonnen Student administration mokongb@unisa.ac.za
Ms. Zeyneba E. Ahmed Student administration ahmedze@unisa.ac.za
Ms. Yerasework K. Hailu  Director’s Office hailuyk@unisa.ac.za


Sefolo Jessie Deputy Director SCSC Pretoria and Florida Gauteng sefolj@unisa.ac.za
Kaka Malesela Manager SCSC Pretoria Gauteng kakam@unisa.ac.za
Esterhuizen Carrol Manager SCSC Florida Gauteng cesterhu@unisa.ac.za
SCSC enquire@unisa.ac.za

How to Create an Email Address to Help Communicate with UNISA

Create a Google Account and sign up for Gmail. You can sign in to Gmail with the username and password, as well as other Google products like YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive.

  • Go to the Google Accounts page to create a new account.
  • Set up your account by following the instructions on the screen.
  • Sign in to Gmail using the account you created.

You’ll only need a password, date of birth, and a mobile number to sign up for Yahoo, whether you’re creating a new account or using an existing email address from another email provider.

  • Go to the registration page.
  • Fill in the required fields with your information.
  • To verify your mobile phone number, click Continue and follow the onscreen prompts.

Visit the official UNISA website for more information.


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