NSFAS Allowances For UNISA Students

NSFAS provides financial assistance to South African students enrolled in public universities. How much do UNISA students get from NSFAS for their allowances, given that UNISA is a distance learning institution?

NSFAS Allowances For UNISA Students

The How Much Are NSFAS Allowances For UNISA Students ? 

NSFAS finances students in a unique way that it does not finance other universities. NSFAS funded Unisa students receive only a Learning Materials Allowances and a Living Allowance.

This means that if the R5200 Learning Materials Allowance is charged for the first five modules, there will be no additional Learning Materials Allowance paid for the remaining modules.

The Learning Material allowance is intended to be used for textbooks and other educational materials required to complete their studies.

Students who are enrolled in ten or more courses are eligible for a Living Allowance.

Students enrolled in ten or more modules at Unisa are also given an incidental allowance of R290 per month from February to November. This R290 is used to cover any minor expenses that these students will incur.

Your tuition and registration costs will also be covered by NSFAS.

NSFAS helps students pay for their Unisa enrollment. If you’re registering, keep the following in mind:

First-time NSFAS applicants: While waiting for NSFAS funding approval, please ensure that you are temporarily enrolled during Unisa’s registration period. If your NSFAS application is denied or postponed by the end of the registration period, you must find alternate funding before your registration can be enabled.

UNISA Returning NSFAS students who received allowances the previous year but did not complete their program: While you wait for NSFAS funding confirmation for the 2021 academic year, please ensure that you are temporarily enrolled during Unisa’s registration time.

Returning NSFAS students who earned allowances the previous year have been denied funding for the following year and have appealed the decision: If you want to do so, please pay the minimum registration fee while you await the NSFAS appeal decision.

You will not be required to pay the minimum registration fee if your NSFAS application has been provisionally accepted. If Unisa receives NSFAS funding confirmation, your registration will be automatically triggered.

visit the NSFAS website for more information.

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